Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Good news for Chrysler and GM lemons

It now looks like both Chrysler and GM will continue to work through lemon law complaints in spite of their respective bankruptcy's. With respect to GM, I am still working with their Business Resource Center on settling cases as well as one of their main outside firms. They even honored an arbitration award I obtained at a hearing just prior to the bankruptcy filing (even though the arbitrator's decision was not filed until afterwards).

With respect to Chrysler, things are looking up but still a little unclear. Chrysler has filed a motion with the bankruptcy court asking for permission to allow the "new Chrysler" to assume pending lemon law cases under certain conditions. One of the conditions is that punitive damages will not be available.

Stay tuned for further developments but kudos to these companies for honoring these important obligations. Please remember, if you have a lemon, don't trade it in for a loss or pass off the problem to someone else. Call me and learn about your rights.