Monday, August 17, 2009

Lemon Law Update

Its been a very busy summer with work and vacation so I have been remiss about posting to the blog. The good news is that GM and Chrysler have both done the right thing for consumers with lemon law complaints. GM and Chrysler have both picked up (and continue to settle) lemon law complaints pending prior to their bankruptcy filings. For the "New Chrysler" you have to go through a process of substituting the successor company in place of the "old car" company as a party to the lawsuit. Moreover, you agree that only lemon law claims survive and not claims for punitive or exemplary damages.

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  1. Gov Schwarzenegger signed two car buyer protection bills. Given the fact his own administration had publicly opposed them both, this is a stunning reversal. Senate Bill will require auto dealers to pay off liens on cars that were traded in with negative equity, before they can sell or transfer them- which usually happens within a day or two -- or within 21 days (if keep them as that long). The auto dealers & their trade associations were hugely opposed to this bill -- especially the provision for pay-offs prior to resale. car dealer fraud lawyer